Sky for visual impairment

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Sky for visual impairment

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We provide audio description for 28% of our shows on 25 of our channels, and Sky News and Sky Sports News have a high level of spoken content. This is almost triple what Ofcom requires us to do under the 2003 Communications Act and Ofcom Code on Television Access Services.

It’s not just about quantity. We’re very proud of our approach to audio description, and the quality it lets us offer. We work with fantastic audio describers, and make sure we match them well to shows that suit their voice and area of expertise. We keep the same audio describer across episodes of a series, and subsequent series, as they become part of the show.

Our Media Management team make sure they carefully pick the shows we audio describe, making sure all flagship and whole series are covered for continuity and completeness. Take a look at Ciaran’s blog where he talks about his job as a Sky audio describer, and let us know what you think.

Other broadcasters provide their own audio description – find out more in Ofcom’s report for the first half of 2016.

Whether you have Sky+ or Sky Q, it’s easy to find the entertainment you love.

Each Sky box has:

• High-contrast settings to make it easier to read and get around your TV Guide

• Clear signposts for entertainment with Audio Description – just look for [AD] in the show’s information

• A beep sound to signal shows with Audio Description when you flick through channels

• The option to highlight shows with Audio Description in a different colour so they stand out in your TV Guide

• An easy way to record series at the touch of a button so you can watch audio described shows from your Planner

• Shortcuts to turn Audio Description on and off

You can search for shows with Audio Description in What's on TV. It's a full TV listing for the next seven days, and includes Remote Record.

To find out more and see how you can adjust your settings, take a look at our support articles for Sky Q and Sky+.

Sky Q also has Voice Search – just use your Sky Q remote to tell your box what you’re looking for. It’ll improve as it stores the types of shows you like, making it even easier to find what you want to watch.

Companion apps complement your Sky experience. They bring you TV shows and breaking news, and you can manage your account too.

If you have Sky+, see how using VoiceOver or Talkback in our Sky+ app can help you look around the TV Guide and control your Sky+HD box.

If you have Sky Q, see what our Sky Go app can do for you, and how we developed it to work with VoiceOver and TalkBack.